Impacting Students

Building Relationships With Christ & Others

TAAG Youth Ministry exists to help students build a strong and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 88% of Christian students who enter college, graduate without their relationship with Christ. We want to give students the tools they need to grow their faith through college and into their adult lives. We do this by creating a friendly and comfortable setting that allows students to discuss the things they deal with day to day.


Fine Arts Festival

Discover, Develop, Deploy

In September every year over 65,000 high school students begin preparing their entries for District and National Fine Arts Festivals. Students may enter as many as 66 categories offered in 8 divisions: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Exhibition, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing. In addition to developing relevant ministry skills, students also have the opportunity to visit with and be awarded scholarships to various Assemblies of God universities located throughout the country.