Project Description

Hello, my name is Crystal Alexander.

I am a newly appointed missionary with the Assemblies of God to France.  Almost a year ago I returned to the States after serving a couple of years as an AG missionary associate in Glasgow, Scotland.  Towards the end of my time there, God surprised me by calling me to go serve in France.  In fact, He has directed me to become a career missionary (I was commissioned June 2017) and to go to Paris to learn to help with Project Rescue that has yet to be established there.  To be completely honest, I have had no previous experience with Project Rescue or sexual trafficking; this is simply God’s doing.  Thankfully, there is now a veteran missionary, Joni Middleton, that has been moved to Paris about a year ago who is a trainer for Project Rescue for Europe from whom I expect to learn heaps-and-tons!

People don’t often think of Europe or France, and certainly not Paris, as a place that has need of missions or the basics of the Gospel Message.  But, Europe is a very dark continent spiritually.  According to only 3% of Europeans are evangelical Christians, and for the country of France that is reduced to 1%.  In France alone indicates that over 20,000 people are sexually enslaved, trafficked, of which 90% are foreigners to that country.

I have been itinerating since January 2017, my goal being to leave for Paris, France, this Spring/Summer 2018.  Would you consider becoming monthly financial support partners in this mission from our Father’s heart?  Currently, I am about 2/3 complete in my monthly support budget.  Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this letter.  I do write monthly eNewsletters.  Please feel free to contact me to receive these or for more information.

Peace and grace to you in Jesus’ name!