Men Of Faith Impacting Our World

Deep in our hearts, we want to be part of a team that does something extraordinary. A team who comes together to save the world like the Avengers or defy the odds like Remember The Titans. Both stories feature a group of men who attempt the dangerous, outrageous, and the impossible. Each member of the team has a unique ability. Though he may not realize it, every man longs to be a part of such a team.

Men’s Breakfast

Our monthly Men’s Breakfast is the perfect way for you to connect with other men just like you. Men who are hungry in more ways than one! In addition to steak & eggs, sausage, bacon, skillet-fried potatoes & onions (or whatever else we feel like cooking), you’ll get to discuss and hear from others about being Godly men in today’s challenging world. You’ll be fed, encouraged, and equipped to share the Gospel with others.

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Becoming The Men God Intended

As men we feel called to be both humble followers of Christ and passionate leaders in our homes, churches, and community. We exist to encourage, strengthen and pray for one another and to be a support system to help each man stand firm in his faith and face daily challenges.